Garage Door Installation

gallery16You may have seen do-it-yourself garage door kits at big box stores, and wondered if you should take on the task yourself. While it might seem like a fun challenge, installing a garage door can be a complex project. Instead, let the crew at Mark’s provide the parts, labor, and installation all at a reasonable price.

We’re also a Northwest Door expert installer.

Installation Services

At Mark’s Garage Door Services, you choose between wood, steel, and aluminum garage doors, and we provide on-site field estimates.

We promise professional installation services to ensure that your new garage door works flawlessly and looks great.

Mark’s is also an elite dealer for Northwest Door, and lets you choose Lift Master garage door openers

How It All Comes Together

Just like any home project, installing a garage door involves several steps.

First, you must remove the old door and its accompanying hardware. We look for gaps, cracks, or other damage that would prevent the new door from installing properly. Then we assemble the panels with a reinforcing bar, securing axle supports, and hinges. Next, they go on the tracks that have been secured carefully for smooth movement. After pulleys and torsion rods are installed, it’s good to go. That’s just for a standard garage door. If you’re installing an automatic door (which most people do, these days) the process involves attaching a motor and opening assembly, carefully considering the size of vehicles or items to be stored in the garage.

While this might sound simple, it likely takes a professional and experienced hand to make it go smoothly and flawlessly the first time.

Service and Fees

At Mark’s Garage Door Service, we not only provide complete installation services, we stand by our products. That means providing dependable repair services.