Garage Door Service and Repair

In many homes, the garage door is used much more frequently than the actual front door. Think about it — when it’s pouring rain or  freezing cold, gallery13would you rather pull into a dry garage and make your way into your house, or make a dash to the front door while dodging raindrops or fighting biting cold? So when your garage door isn’t working right, getting service is a top priority. At Mark’s Garage Door Service, we can often get your garage door back up and running in just a few hours. At Mark’s Garage Service, we repair nearly every aspect of a garage door: springs, rollers, sensors, cables, and panels.

Repair Service Timeline

The usual timeline involves a phone call, where an initial assessment is made, and then a site visit is scheduled, if necessary. During the site visit, a more detailed analysis is developed, along with a cost estimate for the hardware and labor required to complete the job. We order whatever supplies are necessary and prepare to do the final repairs, but whenever possible, a temporary fix is done so that the garage door is functional until the repair can be completed.

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