Think about it – one of the major differences between  a carport and a full-fledged garage is the fact that a garage is enclosed. That enclosed space protects your car, fitness equipment, or workshop from the elements, as well as from theft. Following the five tips listed below can help ensure that the door that provides access to your garage functions effectively for years to come.

Conduct Regular Inspections
As you use your garage door, pay attention to anything that doesn’t look or sound right. Scraping noises and grinding are signs that your garage door isn’t operating optimally.

It’s especially important to ensure that your garage door’s auto-reverse function is operating properly. If your door’s auto-reverse function is mechanical, place an object in the path of the door. The door should reverse direction immediately upon touching the object. If your door’s auto-reverse function is photoelectric – pass an object in the door’s path. The door should reverse immediately. If your garage door fails these crucial tests – or if your garage door lacks this essential feature – give us a call today.

Make Timely Repairs
The saying, “penny wise and pound foolish” definitely applies to garage door maintenance. Don’t pinch pennies by putting off “small” repairs. Worn, chipped, or cracked rollers should be replaced immediately. Brittle or cracked weatherstripping on your garage door allows the elements to enter your home, and should be replaced as well.

Maintain Proper Balance and Tracking
Check your garage door’s balance by opening the door halfway. If the door does not remain level, the counterweight springs are imbalanced. Inspect the tracks on your garage door and clear away any debris. Use a level to check the plumb. Correcting problems with garage door counterweights or tracks is really best left to the professionals.

Lubrication Is Key
Proper lubrication of your garage door’s moving parts is a quick, easy process. Use white lithium grease on the chain or screw on the garage door opener, and a spray lubricant to coat the overhead springs. The whole process requires just 10 minutes once per year.

Don’t Forget the Door!
Check wood doors for warp, chipped or peeling paint, or water damage. Steel doors should be checked for rust spots, which should be sanded, primed, and painted. Whenever you wash your car, wash your garage door with a mild all-purpose cleaner to keep it looking great.

At Mark’s Garage Door Service, we solve issues like this every day. Give us a call today to learn how we can keep your garage door in tip top shape!



Mark Madrid

Owner, Mark’s Garage Door Services