Whether wooden or metal, gates add beauty as well as security to your home. Performing basic maintenance can protect both wooden and metal gates against the forces of nature. Regular inspection and taking preventative measures can ensure that your wooden gates perform well for years to come.

Maintaining Wood Gates
Performing basic maintenance can ensure that your wooden gates perform well for many years to come. Best of all, these fixes are inexpensive, and relatively easy for a handy do-it-yourselfer.

  • Painting and Staining: Wooden gates will need a refresh of paint or stain every two to three years to ensure a maximum lifespan. The process of painting or staining existing wooden gates is similar to that for new gates – except that a base coat isn’t needed.
  • Treating Rot: Check wooden gates periodically for rot that can weaken the structure of the gate. Remove any signs of rot and fill the hole with wood filler. Sand down filled spots after they have dried to restore a smooth, level finish that can take paint or stain.
  • Inspect Hinges and Fittings: Your hinges and fittings literally connect your gate to the posts. That’s reason enough to keep them lubricated. Rusted hinges or fittings should be replaced immediately. It’s an inexpensive fix, so there’s really no excuse for putting it off.


Maintaining Metal Gates
Metal gates are not only beautiful, but also sturdy. Basic maintenance can keep your metal gates strong and beautiful – for a modest amount of money and relatively little effort.

  • Paint or Coating as Protection: Constant exposure to the elements quickly rusts iron or metal gates. Preventing rust is easily accomplished by protecting a coat of wax or sealant to the metal. Paint also creates a strong barrier against the forces of nature – along with adding a touch of color to your gate.
  • Regular Cleaning: Many people overlook cleaning accumulated dust and dirt from metal fences. But a bit of soap and gentle detergent can maintain your gate’s good looks. Rinse and dry the gate after washing to prevent rust. A quick inspection after cleaning also exposes any problems with the gate that you might otherwise have overlooked.
  • Rust Removal and Repairs: Despite regular maintenance, rust may still form on a metal gate. Small spots easily removed with steel wool or sandpaper, but large areas of rust require a metal work specialist. Likewise, minor bent sections can often be fixed with a blowtorch or a hammer. However, calling in a professional is a good idea for major damage or if you’re not handy.
  • Periodic Inspection: The saying “a stitch in time saves nine” is especially relevant where maintaining metal gates is concerned. Regular inspection helps identify potential trouble spots, such as rust, cracks and other damage. The earlier problems are spotted, the easier and less expensive the repair.

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Mark Madrid

Owner, Mark’s Garage Door Services