It may seem obvious, but one of the most important functions of a garage door is to provide access to the garage – and oftentimes, sheltered access to your home once you exit your car. Following these five tips from the International Door Association (IDA), the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), and the Overhead Door Corporation can help ensure that your garage enhances rather than detracts from the overall security of your home.

Don’t Let Children Plan with Garage Door Controls
Kids are naturally curious. Garage door controls and garage door openers can seem like really cool toys to gadget-savvy youngsters. Keep your kids safe by letting them know that the garage is not a playground! Don’t let them play with the garage door controls, and keep remote garage door openers well out of the reach of small children.

Learn How to Use the Emergency Release Feature
Your garage door almost certainly has an emergency release feature (and if it does not, it’s time to install a new garage door). Dig up your owner’s manual and read the instructions on how to operate the garage door emergency release. Teach older kids how to use the feature as well.

Check Out Your Garage Door Regularly
Garage doors and garage door openers suffer wear and tear. Check out your garage door and opener for signs of wear such as worn cables or cracked weatherstripping. Checking out the reverse-opening function is especially critical. Minor repairs can be done on a DIY basis, but if there is any doubt about whether you can handle the job, play it safe and call in the pros.

Don’t Leave the Garage Door Opener Behind!
It may be handy to leave your garage door opener in the car – but don’t do it, especially if you leave your car parked in your driveway. A smash-and-grab thief can gain easy access to your home through the garage door opener left on your front seat or in the glove compartment. Likewise, take your garage door opener with you when you use valet parking.

Secure Your Garage during Vacations
Just as you would not leave your front door open while you are away from home, don’t leave the garage door even slightly open while you’re away, whether on a short errand or on vacation. Unplug the garage door opener, or engage the vacation lock console, to render remote openers unusable. If your garage door opener doesn’t have this feature – it’s an easy add on.

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Mark Madrid

Owner, Mark’s Garage Door Services